Digital Hugs and High Fives

Digital Hug

I got to thinking about something the other day... What's the point of having a gazillion contacts in our database if there's no real contact?  It may puff our egos to be connected with that cheerleader on Facebook, or that nationally recognized speaker on LinkedIn, but if we never reach out and touch someone, what good is it?

Humans crave connection.  If it weren't so, why do we spend so much time seeking affirmation from selfies to good hair cuts?  Who doesn't appreciate being acknowledged for some of life's joyous achievements?  Big or small, our hearts have an innate capacity to care.  That's what makes us human.  

Personal contact comes in many forms.  It could be a simple poke, a smiley emoticon, a like, or a comment on Facebook or any other social medium.  If you're not into digital love, you can reach out and touch someone the old fashion way with a personal hand-written note, a phone call, or better yet, a face to face meet and greet over a yummy cup of Joe.

Is there someone you know who could use a warm and fuzzy greeting today?  Digital hugs and high fives can make one's day.  It did mine =)  Sending virtual hugs to you Rick!  And a special shout out to Kyle for inspiring the title of this post.  You rock kiddo!


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Digital Hugs and High Fives
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