It's Okay If You Don't Feature Me

It's Okay If You Don't Feature Me.  A few weeks ago, I wrote a very personal post about a childhood friend who is dying from an incurable disease.  In an effort to help the family, and bring as much exposure to the story as I could, I reached out to the Active Rain Gods (privately) and asked for something I would never think of asking for myself... a Feature. 

I care little about the Gold Star and what it represents to this community.  I've never placed any importance on earning points in a system that mimics make believe (although, I admire those who have been blogging since dinosaurs became extinct ;).  What I care about most is people, and how I can personally make a difference in the lives of others.  That has always been the benchmark for everything that I do.

I've never been one to ask for help.  Perhaps it's a bit of pride left over from my impecunious childhood, but I'd rather dumpster dive for aluminum cans than beg for assistance.  I've worked hard my entire life and I've given back tenfold.  When it comes to sharing the needs of others, I don't mind shouting it from the mountain top so the whole world can hear. 

When Active Rain said they couldn't Feature my post because of a policy (it wouldn't be fair to all), I didn't take it personal.  What I did instead was something far more productive.  I created a website at www.GoFundMe.com/LarsonFamily to gather donations for my friends.  We went live with the site today and we've already collected over a thousand dollars!

It's okay if you don't feature me... but will you please consider joining me in making a financial donation to help a family in dire need?  The website  accepts donations as low as $5.00.  Just think... if 20K ActiveRainers donated $5.00 each, we would easily reach our goal of raising $100,000., making a significant difference in the lives of this family.  Call me a dreamer, but I believe anything is possible! 

Click on the Larson Family Fund and donate today!  Your love, prayers and support are much appreciated! 

Update as of 11/15/13... We've raised over $30K in donations for the Larson Family!  Thanks to many of you who have helped, and continue to donate to this cause!  It makes my heart happy!


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It's Okay If You Don't Feature Me
It's Okay If You Don't Feature Me. A few weeks ago, I wrote a very personal post about a childhood friend who is dying from an incurable disease. In an effort to help the family, and bring as much exposure to the story as I could, I reached out… more
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