Oh Johnny!

Johnny Depp - The Lone RangerOh Johnny!  I had the pleasure of seeing The Lone Ranger on the big screen last week, and I must say... Johnny Boy has some Depp depth.

Besides the fact that he's got looks, gorgeous hair, penetrating eyes, and a great smile, Johnny Depp once again reveals another layer of depth in his character portrayal of The Lone Ranger's better half, Tonto.  Okay... his masked sidekick Armie Hammer is pretty adorable too! 

Johnny's usual slapstick humor and quirky tude makes this film appealing and amusing.  Not to mention, it takes you back to fond memories of the original Lone Ranger series.  Come on, who doesn't like a good western?!

Despite critical reviews and lack of box office enthusiasm, I thought Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney did a great job presenting a clean, funny film for the family, adding a few nuggets of truth and spiritual messages to boot for those deeper seekers.

I encourage you to buy a ticket and see it on the big screen.  You know it's a good flick when you walk out of the theater saying... I wouldn't mind seeing that again!  Screw the critics and Happy Trails to Tonto... this one is worth the price of admission!

Oh Johnny! ~ Melinda Peterson


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Oh Johnny!
Oh Johnny! I had the pleasure of seeing The Lone Ranger on the big screen last week, and I must say… Johnny Boy has some Depp depth. Besides the fact that he's got looks, gorgeous hair, penetrating eyes, and a great smile, Johnny Depp… more
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