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Things You May Not Know About Me...

Melinda Peterson - Southern Oregon Real Estate Broker

I was born in Encino, CA.

I live in the Pacific Northwest... one of the most beautiful places on earth!

I'm a Libra and I care a lot about fairness and living a life in balance.

I love diplomacy and I believe there is wisdom in the counsel of many.

My favorite color is blue.

I like... chocolate chip cookies with nuts, brownies and hot chocolate pudding, blue skies with white patchy clouds, clean air, blue jeans, cinnamon, mochas, coffee shops, bookstores, cafes, Mexican food, nature walks, wildflowers, grower's markets, concerts, XM radio, 48-Hour Mysteries, 20/20, true stories, YouTube, funny/witty people, creative thinkers, reading a good book in front of a warm fireplace on a rainy day, and having a good laugh with friends any time, any place!

I dislike... smelly/dirty houses, pushy people, cheaters, back-stabbers, brussel sprouts, egg-plant, smoke-filled establishments (are there any of those still around?), long-winded meetings, egos, people who drive way too fast, and fast-talkers.  Good thing this list is short!

Favorite Number - 7

Favorite Holiday - Valentine's Day (mostly for the chocolate)

Worst Job Ever - Making explosive devices at a company called S.O.S. (appropriate name, don't ya think)

Best Job Ever - Realtor/Broker - Love the variety of people, places, and all of the stuff in between

Best Advice - You are what you think, and you become who you hang around (thanks Mom)

Now you know a little more about me... tell me about you!


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Things You May Not Know About Me…
I was born in Encino, CA I live in the Pacific Northwest… one of the most beautiful places on earth! I'm a Libra and I care a lot about fairness and living a life in balance. I love diplomacy and I believe there is… more