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A Resume of a Different Kind - A Must Read!

A Resume of a Different Kind - A Must Read!A Resume of a Different Kind.  As far back as I can remember, I've always known I was a little different.  A bit of a rebel, I suppose.  My tenacious spirit came from watching my mother champion a debilitating disease, Multiple Sclerosis.  Perhaps growing up on the poor side of the tracks contributed a little too. 

At the age of six, I started my first non-profit business... a Pet Cemetery.  I lived in rural San Fernando Valley, where land was plentiful (in those days) and the clientele was abundant.  Walking home from school provided a variety of roadkill (mostly possums) that I would drag home by their tail.  I happily dug shallow graves and gave these poor unfortunate souls a nice resting place to call their own. 

Speaking of unfortunate... fast forward to age 11, my babysitting career ended the first night on the job when half the house went up in flames.  Three lovely (but mischievous) kids lit some candles and stuck them under a lamp, which ignited instantly and subsequently spread to the living room curtains and couch within seconds.  Fortunately, I maintained a sense of calm as I ushered each child out of the burning house.  To my horror, I had to view their charred home every day for several months each time I walked outside my front door, as they lived directly across the street.  Something etched in my memory forever. 

Shortly thereafter, I took up door to door sales.  Bottle collection was a new and budding vocation in the 70's.  I started recycling at an early age, before aluminum cans and plastic were fashionable (I'm dating myself here).  I used to take my rusty red wagon and knock on doors, asking anyone who would listen, if I could recycle their bottles.  Surprisingly, my door knocking days were a huge success and I managed to bank enough money to buy many hot school lunches.

I won't bore you with the rest of my story... but suffice to say that I developed a good work ethic at a very young age.  I never graduated from college, but I've held several positions with Fortune 500 companies that only graduates should hold.  How did I land those $100K+ jobs without a polished resume?  I entered through the back door while others entered through the front door.  I was creative.  I was tenacious.  I never took 'no' for an answer, and I never let anyone tell me I couldn't do something.  I kept knocking on doors until they opened.

The moral of the story is... if you find yourself in a position of feeling helpless, homeless, or simply discouraged... just remember that hope resides inside the next door you haven't knocked on yet.  Don't let fear paralyze you from knocking on that door.  Don't let rejection intimidate you from knocking on that door.  Stay focused and keep telling yourself.... that door is ready to open... I just know it.  Perhaps it's time for you to create resume of a different kind and look for new doors of opportunity.  It's not over until YOU say it is!  So, get out there and keep knocking... there are a variety of doors just waiting to be opened! 


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A Resume of a Different Kind - A Must Read!
A Resume of a Different Kind. As far back as I can remember, I've always known I was a little different. A bit of a rebel, I suppose. My tenacious spirit came from watching my mother champion a debilitating disease, Multiple Sclerosis. Perhaps… more