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Hey Yogi... Wanna Hug?!

Hey Yogi... Give Me a Hug!Hey Yogi... Wanna Hug?!  It became obvious to me early in my career that not all Realtors are cut from the same cloth.  Some are very corporate, some are very savvy, some are very GQ, some are very analytical... and some are very huggable.  I'm not sure why, but many of my clients see me as the huggable variety.

Perhaps its my down-to-earth picture in a jean jacket with a red tree background that does the trick... at least that's what they tell me.  My clients say I look friendly and approachable.  Never mind the fact that I have some killer Realtor credentials... they don't seem to care much about that.  They say they connect with me because of a 'feel-good'  first impression, which always makes me smile ;) 

The hugs usually start flowing when we get into contract.  I suppose at that moment, my clients are feeling elated about their 'pic-a-nic' basket of a house.  I don't mind... I'm usually elated too!  Shortly thereafter, I typically go into 'Mother Mel' mode...  I watch, I nurture, I defend... just like a mama bear would for her baby cub.  My clients love the personal attention and it draws them closer.  And when closing day finally arrives, more hugs are exchanged at the table.  There have been a few exceptions to this huggable rule, but I usually find an indiscriminate way of making them smile ;) 

I like hugs... and I hug back.  It feels good to connect with people on a more personal level. I know my Yogi Bear approach probably wouldn't be widely accepted in all parts of Jellystone Park, nor with all varieties of Realtors.  But in these parts... people love bear hugs!  Perhaps more 'human' contact could be of value to our clients, particularly the ones who are a little more rough around the edges.  Life is so difficult these days... couldn't we all use a few more hugs?  And... it might not be a bad idea to hug the other agent too!  I've done it many times and it has it's perks, particularly when I end up on the other side of a future deal with the same agent.  A hug speaks volumes!

I know there are some of you who won't subscribe to my huggable point of view.  There may be some guys out there who say, 'hugging a client' (or a Realtor) could be considered too forward.'  I get that... we're living in a 'sexual harrassment' society where a huggable act of kindness could be construed as something more than strange.  For the less inhibited huggable souls out there... I say, take the risk and hug away!

Hey Yogi... Wanna Hug?!


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