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Ladies Night Out ~ The Naked Blogger!

My dear friend and fellow cohort, Richard Yates, put together this lovely tribute for my birthday.  Thank you Richard... this was very special.  I hope you don't mind that I kyped it as a re-blog... and I just love the gold dress! 

Thank you my Kindred Spirit friends for all the lovely birthday wishes!  I'm having a great time in Colorado, then I'm off to LA to see my cutie patootie. 

Blessings to all ~ Mel


The Naked Blogger Turns Her Other Cheek...

It's not easy being The Naked Blogger.  Everyone looks at her differently, and has certain expectations. 

The Naked Blogger
is many things, to many people.

She has many friends as seen from left to right: Rebekah Radice, Gayle Rich-Boxman, Debb Janes, Mel and Mimi Foster.

Unable to attend the Birthday celebration, due to bad weather, is another of Mel's very special friends, Kristine Ginsberg, who Mel describes as one of her beloved Kindred Spirits.  Kristine is loved and appreciated by all that know her.

The word Naked does create a certain expectation, which may or may not be correct.  Even on her Birthday, we are unlikely to see Mel Peterson, wearing her birthday suit in public.  And when she blogs, who knows what she is or isn't wearing.  I do know this, The Naked Blogger is turning...a year older today.

Age is just a number.  Sure, it's a bigger number today than yesterday, but so what?  Mel's got Attitude, and lets it all hang out on her naked blog She gives us what we want, and what we need.  We may not even realize it was needed, until we read it.  Thank you Mel, for being who you are, when we each need YOU to be, who WE need you to be.  It's not easy being The Naked Blogger.

Happy Birthday and best wishes always.


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