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Howard Brinton - The Universe Has Lost a Bright & Shining Star

Howard Brinton & The GirlsHoward Brinton - The Universe Has Lost a Bright & Shining Star.  Howard Brinton recently passed away from cancer.  Few motivational speakers have moved me from laughter to tears and inspired me to change my life for the better than Howard Brinton. 

I had the lovely pleasure of meeting Howard at a CRS Star Power Conference in 2006 in San Antonio, Texas.  I almost didn't go.  I was at the height of my professional career, about ready to close on a 2.6 million dollar commercial deal, and in the middle of planning a beautiful destination wedding for my daughter, when I got a call from my mentor asking if I wanted to attend the conference.  

Life simply couldn't have been any more hectic for me in that moment.  I rambled off excuses on why I couldn't attend, but my mentor wasn't taking no for an answer.  Being the jolly, cheerful and relentlessly encouraging guy that he was, he knew exactly what buttons to push to persuade me to go (perhaps he knew how truly miserable I felt and could see the train wreck waiting to happen).  I finally caved, and to this day I've never regretted that decision!  

At the time, I was in the worst physical shape of my life.  I had reached my highest weight of 198 pounds and I had recently been diagnosed with a mini-stroke (TIA).  I was under a tremendous amount of stress and my body was screaming for attention.  I viewed the conference as a vacation getaway... but as it turned out, it became much more than that.  I came away with the inspiration and motivation I needed to change my life for good. 

If you didn't know Howard Brinton... he was the Captain of the real estate Pep Squad!  The guy could wow a crowd and inspire you to do things you didn't know you could do.  I was pumped from the conference and ready to put some rah rah moves into action.  When I got home, I received an email from my mentor with a picture attached... it was my friend Kim Smith, Howard Brinton and a girl I barely recognized.  Who was that tired-looking, chunky chicky on the right?  Was that seriously me?

That weekend (and that picture) became my catalyst for change.  I hired a personal trainer and began working out and eating healthy.  I eliminated some toxic clients who had been sucking the energy right out of me.  I made some changes in my personal relationships too, which were long overdue for some tweaking.  It was the worst and best time of my life, and a pivotal turning point toward a brighter future.

Not long after the conference, my mentor passed away.  In that moment, I came to fully appreciate the weekend we shared together in San Antonio.  He used to always say... 'You Can Do This Kid!'  Well, my beloved friend... you and Howard were right!  I did it... and today, my life is much happier and brighter because of you two lovely shining stars!

Here's a lovely video tribute RE/MAX International posted on YouTube honoring Howard Brinton


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Howard Brinton - The Universe Has Lost a Bright & Shining Star
Howard Brinton - The Universe Has Lost a Bright & Shining Star. Howard Brinton recently passed away from cancer. Few motivational speakers have moved me from laughter to tears and inspired me to change my life for the better than Howard… more
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