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I'm a Sappy Sista

I'm a Sappy Sista!  This afternoon, I watched a video clip of a heartfelt goodbye given by Ann Curry on the Today Show.  I love this woman... Ann Curry is such a class act! 

I wrote a blog about Ann Curry after briefly meeting her at a local grower's market in Grants Pass, Oregon a few years ago.  Ann is a beautiful woman inside and out, and she has a unique ability to tackle difficult subject matter and humanize it for her audience by applying her warmth, understanding, genuine care and concern for mankind.

I applaud you Ann... for not holding back your tears, and for sharing your true heart with your audience.  Your tears were RAW and your emotions were REAL... how beautiful.  You have touched your viewers like no other journalist, and I for one, am quietly rejoicing in your admirable accomplishments with enormous sisterhood pride.  

I'm a Sappy Sista!


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I'm a Sappy Sista
I'm a Sappy Sista! This afternoon, I watched a video clip of a heartfelt goodbye given by Ann Curry on the Today Show. I love this woman… Ann Curry is such a class act! I wrote a blog about Ann Curry after briefly meeting her at a… more
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