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The Bright Side of Fear

The Naked Blogger - Mel PetersonEverybody's got a dark side.... It's practically impossible to be in sales and not feel an occasional tug-o-fear deep down in the depths of your soul.  Who hasn't asked themselves (in our quiet voice, of course)... Will they like me?  Am I good enough?

When I joined ActiveRain in 2008, I didn't know a thing about blogging.  I became a lurker (like many of you) and quietly observed from the sidelines as I read, and read, and read.  Finally, when I felt safe enough, I jumped in and adopted the AR objective... write about all things real estate, make it local, and you'll be baptized in Google juice. 

I practiced what was preached, I stumbled, I fell, but I hung in there.  Eventually my blog turned into a bountiful harvest of peeps reading my posts... and my phone began to ring.  I hit the Google jackpot and life was good!  A few short years later, I began to feel a little numb to the blogging scene (there's only so much real estate one can talk about before the word BORING comes to mind). I became less enchanted with the process while my inner spirit longed to soar.

In 2010, I lost a good friend to cancer.  It suddenly became important to me to create  a memorable journal of my life experiences (which had very little to do with real estate).  I wanted to leave a legacy of posts for my family and friends to enjoy long after I'm gone.  As I began to find my inner voice, my blog titles became a little more wacky and my topics more raw and real.  Then I did something I thought I'd never do... I chose a pen name that was totally 'out there'... The Naked Blogger... and that's when things got interesting.

My conservative inner voice said... Don't do it! (although, my adventurous spirit has always pushed me to color outside the lines).  A few days after going live with the name, I withdrew it.  Why?  Because I feared what others might think.  What would they say?  What would they assume?  The funny thing is, the pen name had a totally opposite effect on my readers.  It created a buzz, it generated conversation, it popped the lid off the box that was holding me hostage inside, and it literally gave me the freedom to be who I am... a down to earth chicky who loves life and all of its blessed moments.  

What have I learned from my blogging experience?  I've learned to follow my heart where ever it leads. I've learned that sometimes my pendulum swings a little too far in one direction, but eventually it finds its center.  I've learned that I'm happier when paving my own path.  I've learned that assuming makes you an ass.  I've learned that while I may offend some along the way, those who truly love me will discard the questionable, embrace the good, and forgive the other stuff in between.    

The Bright Side of Fear ~ Mel Peterson


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