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Calming the Stormy Short Sale Seas

Calming the Stormy Short Sale SeasCalming the Stormy Short Sale Seas.  Sometimes it takes divine intervention to keep a Short Sale together.  I've had my share of Short Sale miracles and I feel pretty blessed to have navigated  many Buyers and Sellers through some stormy short sale seas. 

It takes more than average qualifications to calm stormy waters during the short sale process.  As the Captain of the ship, the Short Sale Realtor performs many roles; that of Counselor, Advocate, Negotiator and sometimes Miracle Worker.  Sadly, many deals have sailed and failed due to the lack of reliable navigational co-ordinances.  

The Short Sale Professional understands the enormous financial burden a distressed seller faces in the midst of a short sale.  Creditors are calling daily, causing Sellers more angst with overwhelming feelings of fear and uncertainty about losing their home.  In that moment, what a Seller needs most is a hand-holding professional who can guide them through some stormy seas. 

The Short Sale Realtor is able to anticipate the negative psychological effects that financial burdens can have on a distressed Seller.  The ability to remain calm, cool and collected in the midst of stormy waters becomes the tall order of the day.  Sometimes, adding a little humor at sea can shed a beacon of light on the horizon of an often dreary sail sale.       

Calming the Stormy Short Sale Seas is not for the faint of heart.  It requires a professional who is willing to employ patience, persistence, and a lot of hand-holding to get the job done.  If you find yourself upside down in a sea of financial woes, call a Realtor who understands the complexities of short sales, who can navigate you through stormy waters and get you back to smooth sailing once again.  It never hurts to have a short sale miracle worker on your side! 

Calming the Stormy Short Sale Seas - Mel Peterson


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Calming the Stormy Short Sale Seas
Calming the Stormy Short Sale Seas. Sometimes it takes divine intervention to keep a Short Sale together. I've had my share of Short Sale miracles and I feel pretty blessed to have navigated many Buyers and Sellers through some stormy short… more
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