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Have You Found Your ROAR?!

Have You Found Your ROAR?!  I suppose I could've sent out an email blast or shouted it from the highest mountain top (although, I'm not sure it would've helped much).  There's simply no good reason to tip toe through the tulips about it any longer.

Nothing could've prepared my family and friends for my mid-life awakening (that's what I like to call it).  Externally, nothing changed.  Well, almost nothing.  Except for a few eyebrow-raising, lip-spewing, sketchy vernaculars (wink, wink), I'm still a warm-hearted gal with a whole latte love to give ;-)  

Internally, it's a different story.  After battling some health issues for more than 7 years, I began to wonder about the root cause of my auto-immune disease.  Could it be sloppy leftovers from a crazy, mixed-up, dysfunctional childhood?  Perhaps my people-pleasing, peace-making approach to life (aka... Bottler) was making me sick. 

Aside from my not-so-secret desire to own a shiny 2-door sporty coup... I consider myself pretty normal.  Sure, I've had plenty of disappointments in life to speak of, but nothing too terribly horrible to be jilted or jaded for eternity.  So what gives?  Something was clearly raising a ruckus with my health and I wanted to get to the bottom of it.

For years, I passively bottled my feelings.  Then one day, I woke up to find my glass house had shattered.  Unbeknownst to me, my body had waged a silent war against me.  I tried waving a white flag to surrender, but my body forged a commando, take-no-prisoners approach to war.  Retreating was no longer an option, I had to fight.

It took me years to understand the mind/body connection.  As I began cleansing my soul of toxic relationships and negative energy, my path to wellness started to take root through freedom of expression (ROAR).  It was then that I noticed my body miraculously beginning to heal itself.

My wellness theory certainly wouldn’t make for prominent reading in the New England Journal of Medicine, but it works for my pretty little head.  Sometimes, it's necessary to grab the tiger by the tail and whip it good.  So my friends, the next time you hear me ROAR, please don't mistake a few $#@*%  words as BIATCH behavior.  Consider it The Naked Blogger's synergistic approach to wellness ;-)  

Have you found your ROAR?! - Melinda Peterson


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