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Call Your Mother... Call the Cops!

It occurred to me some years ago that settling isn't part of my DNA.  In fact, the mere idea breeds contempt in the depths of my soul.  Why so? 

I probably inhaled a little too much smoke as a child.  When I was 5 yrs old, my brother turned my wooden sandbox on the side of the house, then pushed me in and lit a match.  I don't recall who saved me, but I know my Mother was fuming! 

Everyone learned a valuable lesson that day.  My mother hid her matches.  My brother wears a permanent scar on his finger from my mother burning it on the stove (an eye for an eye, I guess).  And I became a keen temperature taker.

I like things that are hot.  I have to feel something to know that I'm alive.  Where there's feeling, there's passion.  And where there's passion, there's a flame. 

Raw passion comes from real friction.  When you rub two things together long enough, it creates a spark.  And it only takes a spark to get a fire going ;-)


If Your Life Isn't on Fire... perhaps it's time to light a match!



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