Inman Rocked My Inbox!

Inman Rocked My Inbox!  When I wrote a post a few weeks ago titled, The Mistakes I've Made in Real Estate, I had no idea the post would receive such notoriety.  First, Active Rain featured the post and Rainmakers responded with a boat load of comments (thank-you Rain Gods and Rainmakers).  Then Inman News picked up the story and featured it as their post of the week The Biggest Mistakes I've Made as an Agent. 


That's when my inbox started to shake like an 8.0 quake!  I was flooded with emails and calls from agents all over the country thanking me for my candid, honest post.  My first thought... 'honest'... why wouldn't I be?  An overwhelming number of agents also asked if I would be willing to share the 'Fact Sheet' I referenced in the post.  Normally, that kind of stuff is proprietary and most agents might be reluctant to freely share their trade secrets.  Not this Naked Blogger!


My intention with the original post was to share my mistakes so that others could learn from them.  The 'Fact Sheet,' which I provide to Buyers at the first point of contact, is simple and very easy to create.  Naturally, I'm willing to share mine if it will help another agent by not having to reinvent the wheel or start from scratch to create one (email me for details).


Thanks Active Rain and Inman News for rocking my little corner of the world.  You certainly added a layer of spin to the last few weeks that I wasn't expecting.  Next time I write about the mistakes I've made in real estate, I'm going to brace myself for Mr. Toad's wild ride.  For now, I'm happy to resume my regularly scheduled life =)


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