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Puddles in the Rain - Mel meets Jane


Mel Peterson and Jane PetersI've been playing in puddles in the rain for more than 7 years, and I've had the lovely pleasure of conversing and meeting several colleagues across the U.S.  Little did I know when I joined ActiveRain, that it would become the impetus for a flutter of friendships made, and a plethora of information learned. 

Many of you know that I travel to LA frequently to see family and friends.  My trips are typically whirlwind in fashion and rarely afford me opportunity to branch out beyond my SoCal roots.  Last month, I was fortunate enough to drop in on an AR meet-up in my old stomping ground of Sherman Oaks.

I was delighted to see Ron & Alexandra Seigel (two of my favorite Santa Barbara peeps).  I had no idea who else might attend.  Apparently, I also had no idea what time the meet-up started (I thought it was 4pm but it was actually 1pm). 

I arrived around 4:45pm in true Valley Girl style with an 'oh my gosh' gushing from my lips 'for sure' when I learned that I was oh soooo late.  The boys (gentlemen really), Michael JacobsEndre Barath and Dick Greenberg razzed me a bit and then we all had a good laugh.  Sadly, we neglected to take a selfie, but the camaraderie alone was enough to make a memory. 

Earlier in the week, I also had the awesome pleasure of finally meeting Rainmaker Jane Peters.  If you haven't followed her blog adventures in London, or spoken with her on the phone, you wouldn't know that she's a cute little witty Brit with a darling accent.  We met at a posh cafe in Beverly Hills (Le Pain Quotidien... across from Sprinkles Cupcakes ... yep, I couldn't resist a few of those too).  We sipped a latte, shared some juicy AR gossip, and laughed about our life stories (Jane is a fascinating woman).  Let's do it again Jane! 


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