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A Letter To My Son

Melinda and Drew PetersonA Letter To My Son.  Yesterday, was simply magical.  The California sky was a gorgeous blue, the sun shined brightly on my face, and the sights and sounds of Venice Beach were fascinating to say the least.  But the day was simply magical because you were in it.

It's rare that we get to spend time together, but when we do, I cherish every second.  It's not every day that a 26 year old man wants to hang out with his parents... but you do... and it's very special.  Walking along the bike path and chatting about life was a mother's dream come true.  And the little nuances that caught my eye... seemed to catch yours too!  We marvel at the same things and we both have that little smirk of a smile when something strikes our fancy.  It's funny... I see myself in you.

It seems like yesterday... you were just a little tyke, running a mile a minute, looking for mischievous things to do to chap your parent's hide.  I've always loved your energy Drew.  I know some of your teachers were annoyed by it and suggested we put you on Ritalin.  I refused.  Mostly because I knew if we could harness that energy, it could be channeled for something good.  I've never regretted that decision. 

You've grown into your own Drew, and I'm so incredibly proud of you.  You're handsome, smart, witty, and you always make me laugh.  Yesterday, I was especially touched by your kind and sensitive spirit.  I watched you as you ran to open the door at the Cheesecake Factory for two people in wheelchairs.  That was a wow!  I couldn't help but think of Grandma Beth and how proud she would have been to see your random act of kindness.  It would have made her smile real big.

But most of all, I was touched by your love.  You knew I needed some hugs and you were right there with a shoulder to lean on.  You've never been embarrassed to kiss your mama in public, and that has always made me smile.  And... hearing you say 'I love you' to Nici, was a very sweet and tender moment.  You're going to be a wonderful husband and father some day and I hope I'm still around to breathe it all in.

I know you feel like school is dragging on and the years seem like they're flying by you.  Don't worry too much about that, just enjoy each day of your life today.  Before long, it will become as complicated as you allow it, so remember to live in the moment.  And... never forget your passion and your dreams.  You know I've always encouraged you... 'To do what you love, and love what you do.'  So far, you've taken that to heart.

From the moment you were born, you were like a 10-pound TIGGER (spelled exactly the way Winnie the Pooh intended), bouncing your way into the world.  You were a bundle of joy, determined to bring me many years of laughter and happiness.  A few years of pain too, but I wouldn't trade any of it... not even for a million bucks!  God couldn't have blessed me with a better son.  I love you Drew... and I'm honored to be your Mom. 

Melinda and Drew Peterson

Melinda and Drew Peterson

Melinda and Drew Peterson

Melinda and Drew Peterson - Venice Beach ~ November 2011


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A Letter To My Son
A Letter To My Son. Yesterday, was simply magical. The California sky was a gorgeous blue, the sun shined brightly on my face, and the sights and sounds of Venice Beach were fascinating to say the least. But the day was simply magical because… more