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I Barely Noticed...

Hug a Realtor - Melinda PetersonYesterday, I had a listing appointment with a client I had worked with 6 years ago.  Apparently, I had showed them some homes in Grants Pass but they ended up buying a home directly from the listing agent.  When they called me last week to chat about selling their home, they said they enjoyed working with me in the past.  Sadly, I couldn't remember our previous encounter. 

When I arrived at their home, I thought for sure I would at least remember their faces, but no such luck.  I cringed when they asked if I remembered them.  For a quick second, I wondered how I should answer that question.  Here's what I said... 'Well you know, it's been 6 years, and frankly, I have a few less brain cells since then.'  They laughed, and my little diddy set the tone for a wonderful conversation. 

I've found that honesty is always the best policy. Truth combined with a little humor can go a long way.  Laughter has a way of breaking It let's down barriers and making everyone feel at ease.

Our conversation was captivating and jovial to say the least, and I barely noticed when two hours had passed.  If it weren't for my growling stomach and an impending dinner date, I would have stayed for a glass of wine and exchanged a few more laughs.  As I got up to leave, I went to shake their hands and instead I received a hug.  Anyone who knows me well... knows that I love hugs!  What a cool way to end a listing appointment (I barely remembered that it was a listing appointment), it felt more like a gathering of friends ;)))


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Comment balloon 27 commentsMelinda (Mel) Peterson • January 19 2012 08:09PM


Mel, what a fabulous appointment.  We all need one of those every once in a while to help make this "Realtor'ing" thing more human.  I love huggs as well, so I am glad there were enough there to go around.  Have a great weekend.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 8 years ago

Ah Mel, the value of a self-deprecating sense of humor.   It can make a more difficult truth more palatable.  

This blog totally resonates with me!   Congrats on the anticipated listing!



Posted by Brian L. Sirota, Esq., For Solutions: (714) 501-7660 (Bristar Realty (Realtor/Attorney)) almost 8 years ago

That sounds like a nice appointment.... I like it when I hit it off with my clients...


Posted by Debbie Holmes, Gets the job done! (Gold Key Real Estate) almost 8 years ago


I love hugs and humor.  Congrats on the new listing!  Wishing you many more encounters as the one you encountered...Hope you had a wonderful time in Los Angeles, next time, I would love to meet you. A

Posted by Ron and Alexandra Seigel, Luxury Real Estate Branding, Marketing & Strategy (Napa Consultants) almost 8 years ago

I thought so too Karen!  It was a wonderful opportunity to exchange 'human' stories... which we can all relate to.

You would have totally enjoyed these people Brian... we laughed the entire time, even though I gave them not-so-good news regarding their home's value.  They called me today to say how much better they felt about their situation after our conversation.  It's funny, I didn't say or do anything special... except we did perform an exorcist to remove the 'fear demons' that were hanging out in their closet ;) 

It was Debbie... I wish they were all like that... we certainly need to laugh more in this biz!

Thanks Alexandra!  I'm thinking I should have titled this post... Hugs & Humor ;)  I will be in LA again in February... and this time I will have a car, so you can count on a little visit to your neck of the woods.  Coffee and bear claws perhaps?!  I'm sure you know all the great places in town ;)  Looking forward to meeting you in person!

Posted by Melinda (Mel) Peterson, Curator of Happy Endings (Real Estate Cafe LLC) almost 8 years ago

Mel-Laughter they say is the best medicine and it looks like it worked like a charm and YOU are right honesty is the best policy especially when done with tact and finesse both qualities which you possess. You are an wonderful and remarkable woman my friend. Congrats on the impending listing. Suggested!

Posted by Sharon Lee, Retired and loving life (Sharon Lee's Virtual Assistance) almost 8 years ago

Mel, I think you handled that beautifully!  Well done!

Posted by Kathy Sheehan, Senior Loan Officer (Bay Equity, LLC 770-634-4021) almost 8 years ago


Your so right honesty is always the best policy.

Good luck and success.

Lou Ludwig

Posted by Lou Ludwig, Designations Earned CRB, CRS, CIPS, GRI, SRES, TRC (Ludwig & Associates) almost 8 years ago

Funny how our minds block the bad stuff and somethings other stuff goes along for the ride.  I completely agree that honestly is the only way to go.

Posted by Tammy Lankford,, Broker GA Lake Sinclair/Eatonton/Milledgeville (Lane Realty Eatonton, GA Lake Sinclair, Milledgeville, 706-485-9668) almost 8 years ago

Laughter is medicine isn't it Sharon!  And making light of one's failures allows for more forgiveness... and we could certainly use more of that too!  I appreciate all the lovely accolades... but truly, I'm just a regular gal who enjoys smiling a lot at the simple things ;)  Thanks for the 'suggest' Sharon... you're a pretty special chicky!

Well, thank you kindly Kathy!  Life, and all it's glorious moments, seems to be our best teacher!

Honesty speaks volumes Lou!  I've found that people genuinely appreciate the truth, but it's certainly a whole lot more palatable when delivered with humor ;)

The mind is a beautiful thing Tammy!  It blocks out the bad, preserves the good, and filters the rest... how lovely is that?!

Posted by Melinda (Mel) Peterson, Curator of Happy Endings (Real Estate Cafe LLC) almost 8 years ago

Also suggested.  I have been writing for weeks (months?) about honesty and the need to not lie, especially to ourselves.  But something that people often do not 'get' ~ well, you hit it on the nose when you said: You don't have to be incredibly blunt or brutally honest in order to win friends and influence people. And you can still be truthful!  Great post, and many blessings.

Posted by Mimi Foster, Voted Colorado Springs Best Realtor (Falcon Property Solutions) almost 8 years ago

Mel, I like this line, "Truth combined with humor can go a long way." I try and practice that daily along with allowing myself to let down my guard to be more affable. Sounds like a job well done on your part.

Posted by Jeff Markell, Branch Manager / Mortgage Consultant - NMLS 22416 (Land Home Financial Services) almost 8 years ago

Great story, Mel.  Isn't it great when the brain cells go.  We have an excuse.  I was contacted by a young kid a month ago who says I helped him with a rental a year or so ago.  No clue who he is.  But is an all cash buyer for a $1.3M home which we are closing on in the next day or so.  I still don't know who he is.  

Posted by Jane Peters, Los Angeles real estate concierge services (Home Jane Realty) almost 8 years ago

Thank you Mimi... Your posts have been encouraging, interesting and spot on!  And thank you for being an Active Rain Cheerleader in times of trouble and dispair.  I have smiled a lot lately in the rain and it feels good =)

Jeffrey... long time no see my friend!  Practicing a dose of humor daily is a vitamin pill we should all take!

That's hilarious Jane!  Now, I don't feel so bad.  I'd love to have that kind of lapse in memory show up in my lap =)  Congrats on the closing sweetie!

Posted by Melinda (Mel) Peterson, Curator of Happy Endings (Real Estate Cafe LLC) almost 8 years ago

Great story and great point. And obviously you got the listing or they wouldn't have hugged you. So way to go all around! And however much a blur 2006 may have been for you, you must have been doing some things right or THEY wouldn't have remembered you and called you six years ago. I've had a few times where people I've briefly encountered have called me to list their homes and I haven't remembered them and have handled it in a similar fashion.

Posted by Shannon Jones, Long Beach CA Real Estate (The Shannon Jones Team) almost 8 years ago

That happens to me sometimes, but unfortunately it's usually immediately after they told me their names.
Corona Short Sale Agent

P.S. Thx for the hug.   ;-)

Posted by Cameron Novak, Featured Corona Real Estate Agent Team (The Homefinding Center) almost 8 years ago

Mel - I hate when that happens but I think you handled in your typical wonderful "Mel" style. Besides I think it's pretty obvious when you fake like you remember someone and honesty is the best policy. It certainly was in this case. Funny how when we go through a bad time we tend to block out a lot of things. I've only recently found that to be true other than 14 years ago, but that was easily explained! Hugs, Kris

Posted by Kristine Ginsberg, NJ Home Stager (Elite Staging and Redesign, LLC) almost 8 years ago

Great story Mel.  I'm not sure I would have remembered some folks that I showed and then left for that deal with the listing agent.

Posted by Gabe Sanders, Stuart Florida Real Estate (Real Estate of Florida specializing in Martin County Residential Homes, Condos and Land Sales) over 7 years ago

Thank you Shannon... the memory thing comes and goes, but the hugs last forever ;-)

You're welcome Cameron!  I have to admit, that happens to me too!  This might sound funny, but sometimes I play a little word association game in my head (i.e. like comparing their name to an animal) so I can remember it... try it sometime, it really works!

Faking it... I think I'd like to try it just once... to see if I could... which I don't think I can... because I wear my heart on my sleeve and everyone knows it ;)  But it's a fun thought Kris!  Loved your ghost post!

Funny boy Richard... I love it when clients feel they can hug me ;)  When I worked in the Corporate world calling on Doctors, I would freak them out when I leaned in for a hug... but who would refuse to be hugged?!  A silly bear perhaps!

I know, it's a little strange Gabe.  Considering the life drama I experienced in 2006', it didn't even phase me that they bought with another agent... apparently my brain was on cloud La La ;)))

Posted by Melinda (Mel) Peterson, Curator of Happy Endings (Real Estate Cafe LLC) over 7 years ago


Just wanted to say hi and let you know I subscribed to your blog. I found you via your comment on Richard Yates post. cheers cvc

Posted by Curtis Van Carter, Your Napa Valley Broker Extraordinaire (Better Homes & Gardens Wine Country Group) over 7 years ago

Hi Mel, what a fabulous story with such a great ending.  I love good outcomes and they just hired the best agent in the entire area to market a prized possession.  Many more hugs to you and the truth always is the best route as you proved once again.

Posted by Mary Stewart, Wilsonville and Surrounding Portland Metro Areas (HomeTrust Real Estate, LLC, Homes for Everyone) over 7 years ago

'Well you know, it's been 6 years, and frankly, I have a few less brain cells since then.'  What a perfect remark!  My husband is also great at using humor to diffuse awkward situations and I'm always a little jealous of those who are so smooth.  But as you said, just straight honesty is the way to go.  We all know what it's like to be human!

Posted by Susan Harding, HomeStar Video Tours, Showcasing You and Your Listings, 855-579-6284 over 7 years ago

Welcome Curtis!  I'm happy my little diddy on Richard's post brought you over to my place... and thanks for subscribing!

You're very sweet Mary!  I appreciate the hugs... and right back at ya!

We are indeed human... Susan!  I'm continually reminded of that fact by my failing memory ;-)  Nice to see ya sweetie!

Posted by Melinda (Mel) Peterson, Curator of Happy Endings (Real Estate Cafe LLC) over 7 years ago

Honesty is the best policy....lying requires more brain cells than telling the truth.



You don't have to be so careful to remember what you said.

Posted by Jim Hale, Eugene Oregon's Best Home Search Website (ACTIONAGENTS.NET) over 7 years ago

Oh heck, the main thing is that they remembered YOU!  :-)  I do believe honesty is the best policy in all circumstances.

Posted by Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED (RETIRED / State License is Inactive) over 7 years ago

Mel ~~~ what a great gift!

Agree with Carla...the main thing is that they remembered YOU!

Had a similar encounter just before Christmas with past clients, who bought in '07 with me...well, remembered them for being placid, and content... and also because I sold already the 8th home in that wonderful 'Waldorf Rmbl' street...the exciting  news...got the house under offer, cash unconditional, on the 05th of January, settlement on the 02. of March!

This was a great gift too...I'm so grateful and hope you too will have success...reminiscing...forgot who mentioned in active rain in december last, something about ...once in a while we get a gift!

I truly believed and hoped of receiving a gift...let the gifts wander round and round....your turn now!

It is always a pleasure and honour reading your inspirational posts, however not being a full member, I so often could cry for not being able to open all prefered posts...there are many, many inspirational, educational and warm and 'humanistic' posts ...which I just miss reading....well, have to wait...the next ...incarnation/s/!?! Be well. PeterX

Posted by Peter Michelbach over 7 years ago

I totally agree Jim!  And with my memory, I'd probably have a hard time remembering a lie ;)

I'm happy about that Carla!  They could have called the listing agent to help them too ;)

Congrats on your contract Peter!  I hope it's a smooth transaction to close.  It's nice to get a gift... every once in awhile ;)  And it's an honor to have you read and comment on my posts.  Namaste!

Posted by Melinda (Mel) Peterson, Curator of Happy Endings (Real Estate Cafe LLC) over 7 years ago